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5/11/24 - Montclair, NJ - Silver Stream Studio with Roe Knows Best, Marty I'm Afraid, Reilly & Co.
6/15/24 - West Orange, NJ - House Show with Sammy Mellman
7/11/24 - New York, NY - Berlin with Thin Lear, Sammy Mellman - buy advance tix
7/26/24 - Morris Plains, NJ - Autodidact Beer with Joe Galuppo, Joe Allocco


3/9/24 - Montclair, NJ - Silver Stream Studio with Sammy Mellman, Thin Lear, Lupe Dragon
11/15/23 - Garwood, NJ - Crossroads
6/28/22 - Brooklyn NY - Our Wicked Lady with Pair Of Sloths, Joyce
5/27/22 - Brooklyn, NY - Bar Freda with Maurice, Slow Finn, and The Knickerbocker 5
4/30/22 - Brooklyn, NY - Our Wicked Lady with Personal Space, S.G. Carlson
3/18/22 - Manhattan, NY - Berlin Under A with Behaviorist, Ray McGale Acoustic
2/12/22 - Brooklyn, NY - Purgatory with Spud Cannon, Steele F.C.
11/11/21 - Brooklyn, NY - Rubulad with Colatura, Color Tongue, Lily Mao
10/28/21 - Brooklyn, NY - The Broadway with Slumberjack, Hypemom, Cameron Castan
12/12/19 - Brooklyn, NY - Our Wicked Lady - with Mike Turnwall & the Burning Sun, Pocket Protector
11/24/19 - Manhattan, NY - Arlene's Grocery with Best Baby, Free $$$$
10/25/19 - Brooklyn, NY - Pine Box Rock Shop with Color Tongue, Super Gimmes
8/16/19 - Manhattan, NY - Pianos with Dionysia, Drown Your Boots, HARE
6/1/19 - Manhattan, NY - Pianos


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Photo by Nick Collingwood

As humans, we’re put on this earth with nearly limitless cosmic potential to create, to sing, to write, to share, and to help. This is why it’s the ultimate joke that most of us end up overlooking this boundless capacity in pursuit of more trivial, worldly affairs. It’s this tension that’s the core of what Mt. Feral singer/guitarist Mike Farrell calls “The Divine Mundane”-- which is also the title of his forthcoming record, due out fall 2021.The five songs can be seen as individual character studies, each contending with this idea from different angles. An artist struggles with compromising their core beliefs to achieve a lifelong dream (“Originals”). The introspective casanova reflects on the consequences of their actions (“Sommelier”). Neighborhood gentrification becomes a metaphor for memories we can’t return to (“Stringbean”). The title track kicks things off but also ties it all together-- life is never really about us as individuals, but the things we do to the people around us.TL;DR guitar-forward indie rock for fans of The Love Language, Kurt Vile, Car Seat Headrest, Brand New, Okkervil River, Deerhunter, Piebald, and Cursive.